Getting Started

Architecture Overview

The Open Innovation platform allows integrators to build and embed plugins into Central 1’s online banking and public website platforms. Because the platform is technology agnostic, you can develop plugins using your existing or favored technology stack. And as an integrator, you will be responsible for developing, hosting, and maintaining your plugin’s frontend and backend code.

The platform provides interfaces to enable seamless integration of plugins, including:

  • Preferences & Configuration
  • Theming
  • Single Sign-On
  • System-to-System Data Exchange

A secure backchannel API enables single sign-on and data exchange from the online banking platform to the integrator’s backend system through a tokenbased mechanism. Data shared through the backchannel API is tied to the specific user’s online banking session. By calling the API, the integrator’s backend system can identify the user and tenant in question. Account and contact information are also available through the API. For particulars, see the single sign-on sequence diagram.

Only authenticated users can access pages containing plugins on online banking platforms. Unauthenticated users can access plugins on public websites, but single sign-on and secure data exchange are not supported on the public website platform.

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